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At Abercrombie Radiology we strive to not only provide the best diagnostic imaging to our patients but also the best patient care. We offer a wide array of imaging services including MRI, Ultra-Sound, Teleradiology, and more. Since opening in 1925, we’ve been dedicated to putting our patients first by offering fast, reliable, and affordable services without compromising quality.
  • Same Day Scheduling for X-Ray
  • Walk in X-ray accepted (if ordered by physician)
  • Same-Day Full Report Turnaround
  • On-site Radiologist
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Proudly Serving East Tennessee Since 1925.

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(865) 584-3444

(865) 584-3444

Have any questions?
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A Full Range of Imaging Services

From X-Rays and MRIs to our Abercrombie Breast Center featuring 3D Mammography, and more.


Non-invasive medical imaging for helping doctors diagnose, monitor, or treat many medical conditions.
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A painless procedure that uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to creates images of organs and tissues for examining.
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Imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body.
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Dexa is a form of x-ray that produces pictures of inside the body to measure bone loss.
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Mammography is the process of using low-energy X-rays to examine the breast for diagnosis and screening of breast cancer.
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Interventional Procedures

A subspecialty of radiology which provides image-guided diagnosis and treatment of disease.
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Among the most trusted radiologists in the nation with over 500 years of combined practice experience. Click on the images to learn more about each of our radiologists.

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